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Ebony McAfee (formerly Weston) was born  and raised in southeast Washington DC.


As a youth attending Assumption Catholic school, she had a dream of becoming the top prosecuting attorney in Washington DC. While attending Eastern Senior High School she enrolled in the pre-law program which was interesting and fun. After graduating, she attended Delaware State University, later graduating from Washington Business School. She is currently obtaining a degree in Sports Marketing and Media at Full Sail University.


As a young adult she was affected by gun violence in and around her southeast DC neighborhood and within her immediate family. The events of multiple homicides with her family and peers were so traumatic she decided that she’d rather help prevent violence than pursue her passion in law.


In the late 1990s her mother, Kerron Weston, formed a non-profit organization Neighborhood Learning Options; there Ebony assisted with day-to-day operations as an administrative assistant and computer science instructor. Seeing how the program brought a promise of hope and kept youth busy and out of trouble and danger is why Team Endless Sports became her ministry. Her goal is to assist male and female athletes in utilizing their talents to obtain whatever goals they’ve set to further their education and do it with the best training possible.


Ebony’s passion for service as the Owner of Team Endless Sports provides her with the ideal opportunity to achieve her goals by facilitating many community service projects, She is proud to have her husband, parents, and friends share in her vision. Faith and community-based organizations provide critical leadership, knowledge, and passion when it comes to preventing and intervening in cycles of youth violence around the country and she is determined to pay it forward using all the resources she has available.

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